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Solar panels


Solar cells are made in Micro-Electronic Feb depending to need of users are assembled together in complexes that are applicable in environment condition and related voltage and amperage which forms a solar panel.

The solar panel built in ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES, have bifacial glasses and the panel is protected between these two glass layers. This method enables us to make panels with suitable mechanical strength and protect panels from damage in unfavorable environment conditions like intensive gusts or heavy snow and mechanical impacts of stones or animals.

The manufactured panel in this company has the European CE mark with the number of BRS/CE/11995.

Table below shows some of our different models and their dimensions:






 Lifespan of our solar panels is 25 years and have 15-year replacement guarantee

Solar powerhouse 500W

Produced voltage by solar panels with solar batteries is of DC current and their connection to together vary according to the kind of consumption. p

If the voltage is considered 24 DC, then the solar panels should be paralleled 2 by 2 in order to provide needed power. The output DC voltage of the panels will be connected to charge control unit, this unit charges battery and applies maximum power of the panel and prevents batteries from over charging or over discharging (depletion) and also prevents from returning of DC voltage from battery to panel

Requirements of the 500- W solar panel are listed as below:p

  • 6, 90 W panels
  • 4, 12V, 80A/h sealed acid batteries
  • 1, 6-base stand
  • 24V, 40A charge controllers
  • 1KW invertors


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